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At Wah Lum Kung Fu of Tampa, we offer a wide variety of Authentic Chinese weapons. These weapons are taught in the same traditional manner as the Hand Forms and are based upon actual fighting techniques used in combat throughout the history of China.

The list of weapons in the Wah Lum system is quite varied and extensive. Ranging from short weapons such as: the Flute, Fan, Double Daggers, Double Butterfly Knives, Fire Wheels and Double Needles.

To mid-range weapons such as:  Double Axes, Siu So Gee (short sweeper), Double Hook Swords, 2-Hand Broadsword, Double Broadswords, Double 3-section Whip Chain and 9-section Whip Chain.

Additionally, there are the long range weapons such as: Stick, Spear, Kwan Do, Tiger Fork, 9-Ring Long Handle Sword, Master Stick, Snake Spear, Double-Head Spear, Monk Spade, Army Sword, Rope Dart, 3-sectional Stick and Di So Gee (long sweeper.) This is only a portion of the complete list we have to offer to the long term students.

Initially, as the student’s progress in the system, they are required to learn the 18 Traditional Weapons, which include 9 long and 9 short weapons. Afterwards, they may choose from a number of the additional weapons, which are part of this complete system.

Training with weapons such as these, develops and teaches the students about themselves and their surrounding areas, in addition to the tradition and history of the system.

As the students progress, their strength, flexibility, coordination and balance will also develop. Leading to more and more advanced training with weapons requiring a higher level of ability within each aspect of their training.